The Chapels

Two options available

The Bell Chapel

The Bell Chapel was constructed specifically for those who wish to celebrate their vows in a traditional manner (or due to inclement weather). The chapel can seat about 100 guests on actual old style church pews.

It overlooks the valley and is within walking distance from The Shed. The pulpit is handmade and blends in with the rustic, natural style and design of the wedding venue. Instead of the traditional pulpit, there is also an antique lectern available.

The Forest Chapel

The Forest chapel is set in a plantation of high trees and is the perfect location for those who want the romantic beauty and serenity of nature to enhance your experience. In summer or good weather this is the preferred option for most bridal couples. If the rain comes suddenly, ceremonies can be relocated to the Bell Chapel.

The Forest Chapel is walking distance from the three cottages on the hill, and overlooks the area where the main dam used to be.
Guests are seated on wooden benches.

The Chapel Gallery

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